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Welcome to the official website of Optimum Canine - dog training & behavioural specialist..

If you are visiting this page then the chances are you either; 1) are in the process of re-homing or purchasing a puppy or dog, or 2) you are currently experiencing unwanted behavioural problems with a current puppy or dog. Whatever the dog training problem you are experiencing, the solution can be found with Optimum Canine...

Jason is a fully trained and accredited fear free trainer, with the appropriate credentials required to train puppies or dogs in not only dog training but also dog psychology. He is a supporting member of the IAABC, and has been personally trained by Mike Shikashio CDBC (former president of the IAABC) and superstar trainer of the dog world Dr. Ian Dunbar. Optimum Canine will analyse your puppy or your dog and put the owner and their canine companion, on the right path to success. So you will can feel safe knowing Optimum Canine will work to train your puppy or dog as quickly and humanely as possible...

Whether you wish to improve your puppy's or dog's obedience training or resolve their unwanted behaviour, Optimum Canine - Dog Training & Unwanted Behavioural Services is bounding stride in the right direction...  

Optimum Canine travels to areas; Gravesend, Dartford, Medway, Maidstone, Sevenoaks, Snodland, Welling, Tunbridge Wells, West Kingsdown and other areas not listed...

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Jason Smith is not just a DOG AGGRESSION SPECIALIST but he can help you solve many of the common dog behavioural issues including BARKING, JUMPING, LEAD-PULLING, POTTY TRAINING, and more!

Instead of unwanted behaviours you don't like, Jason will teach your dog; 

IMPULSE CONTROL - How to be patient and wait for resources such as food or toys. 

BASIC MANNERS - Dog obedience behaviours including how to calmly sit and lay down.

RECALL - To come when called.

LOOSE LEAD WALKING - Walk calmly on a lead without barking or pulling.

HOW TO RELAX - Settle quietly in their crate of on their bed when asked. 

ADVANCED BEHAVIOURS - Practice self-control around distractions.

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Danni Mckensie - 1:1 Dog Training Services

Ladies & Gents introducing the real dog whisperer. It's amazing how Jason makes things look so simple, even my dog just seemed to understand him.

Dog training in kent

About Your Next Favorite Dog Trainer

My name is Jason Smith and I run Optimum Canine - Dog Obedience Training & Unwanted Behavioural Services. 

Ever since a young boy I have been fascinated with dogs. When I was only three years old, I would walk around on my hands and knees pretending to be a dog. My parents thought in bringing home a puppy it would encourage me to behave less like a dog and more like a human.

This idea massively backfired as I continued my doggy like behaviours, but just with a puppy copying my every move. 

I have been training dogs for many years now, including my own and clients. I believe in developing a mutual understanding between you and your dog, and that this can only be provided when a relationship and bond is built with continuous dog training. 

Caring for an animal in your home is as much about responsibility as it is about love.

The enjoyment and fulfillment your dog will experience whilst being trained by my methods, in itself will be rewarding. Get the most out of your relationship with your dog by calling me today at, Optimum Canine - Dog Obedience Training & Unwanted Behavioural Services.


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